This poem is written In Arabic By an Algerian Poet "Hassan Khashab"

A call for Return

A call for Return

By Hassan Khashab.

Translated by Munir Mezyed

Here the earth is dry-
As if it were the surface of the Moon-
Water is rare
And the sun casts its sparks
While nature becomes here intensely hard
Till people's trait becomes dry and unsociable...!

O Sindibad, enough flight,
It is time to come back...
Here the souls die because of seclusion
Or boredom
You departed a land
Wherein the most precious gems
Abide in her sand...

The drops of rain make her green
Wear the most appealing images.....
The flowers fill her with fragrance
And the birds sing happily on the trees,
And summer is a season of wedding,
Or harvesting the seeds
And night is an intimate date
For glee and chat....
O sailor, come back,
Your sweetheart waited enough...!

Poetry by munir mezyed
Read 1060 times
Written on 2007-02-05 at 20:09

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Amanda K
it's a good translation despite some changes in music and that's expected since it's translated. being an arab myself now how hard is to translate into English an Arabic poem


Rob Graber
I enjoy especailly the first stanza, with its suggestion that people become hardened by the hardness of life...