This poem is written in Arabic by an Iraqi poet” Maha Ak-Khateeb”

Translated By Munir Mezyed

Only for You

Only for you, words dance
And the Sun weaves from its threads
Exquisite images and paintings,
Draws the grin of a child
And the whispering of the waves
Upon the shores of Tigris and Euphrates....

Only for you
My feelings harmonize
Like a fountain of love and admiration
And with kisses I cover your holy flesh
And sip from your lips
The nectar of the flowers
And the fragrance of henna of Basra

Only for you not for others
My tresses smile
And my locks chant
Searching for the harbor of your arms...
My fingers sail on the seas of your palm hand...

As it is only for you,
I set out my poetry
Which is hidden in the depths....

As it is only for you,
I will overcome my fears, my pain and my loneliness
And enjoy the ecstasy
Of reaching the Edge of the World
And set free my insanity and leave my soul
A trust under the Minarets of Kathemia
And Al -Kilani and Abbas
The candles of my pledge sail alone on the shore of Hella
Breathing heavily after a memo of your intimacy....

I will gather all the joys
The wedding parties are my memories of eagerness
And my passion
And the smoked fish allures
The cheeks of Abu Noas...

Only for you
My mother and yours
Pray, implore and supplicate
And recite Yassin and Al Rahman
And beseech to the lord of people...

What scattered from the dreams of your children
I will gather
in the land of stranger
And will ask what remained from your good men
And the hero of your struggle
In Karbalaa,
Faluja and Baghdad
Hella and Mosel
All the dark land
Only for you, hero
Who enlightens with his glory and the light of his face
The heaven
It is you who else
O Iraq
O Iraq
O Iraq

Poetry by munir mezyed
Read 1144 times
Written on 2007-02-04 at 16:45

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Rob Graber
Thanks for this. If it is this beautiful in translation, the non-Arabic speaker can only imagine what it must be like in that language!