This poem is dedicated to a special person in my life who has just turned my life upside down !!!!!!!!
not disclosing the secret now !!!!! You'll get the name of the person later !!!!!!
Till then enjoy the poem !!!!!".........Krupal

The Girl

I was out in this lonely world,
knowing no one, except my soul
finding a girl who can touch my soul,
to share my grief and my zeal.

Out from nowhere came a girl,
who touched my soul,
and healed it by her grace,
she was the reason,
the reason to live, the reason to care,
because she was the reason,
the reason to live with and to care for,

Seeking a place in her heart,
waiting for her to accept,
feeling her presence in my heart,
as she enlightened my life by her smile.

She was the one,
the one who ignited a passion in me,
passion to live life with zest.
There was an urge in me,
an urge to live life with someone like her.
Standing astonished, not knowing what to do ???
Treasuring these moments in my heart,
the only thing that I could do !!!!!

Poetry by krupal sikligar
Read 798 times
Written on 2007-12-01 at 18:35

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