Inspiring colours........

Colours, you'll find them all in my life,
sharing their shades in my life,
making my life easy to understand.

WHITE, light of the moon,
making me feel the essence of purity.

YELLOW, a beautiful sunrise,
giving me a brand new rise.

BLUE, a cloudless sky,
makes me feel that I'm flying high.

GREEN, the lush grasslands,
makes me feel content in ease.

RED, a bloomed rose,
helps me feel love with no haze...........

GREY, a rainy day,
washes all my pain away.

BLACK, a dark night,
reminding that life is clueless and surprisingly full of colours.

Poetry by krupal sikligar
Read 630 times
Written on 2008-12-28 at 15:05

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You wrote a rainbow here. Lovely.