One fine day I was just sitting in my room..... feeling so so so alone and thinking about my past !!!!!
lines written just expresses it

My SPACE.......

Staring the wall in my hall,
is like a time machine,
projects the past,
of which some I want to forget,
and some I Want to relish.

The fan up above on the ceiling,
Moves so fast, out of my control,
spins me around, here and there,
smashing me down onto the present floor.

Its the couch which comforts me in all,
My ship, adamant to sail across this furious sea,
fighting the waves of my itchy and pricky past,
to land me on the shores of life,
for a better sail into the future.

Poetry by krupal sikligar
Read 549 times
Written on 2011-08-22 at 10:54

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Everyone does it at times and you describe it well. I especially like the imagery of the second stanza, and of couch as ship.