Well in my life my friends mean a lot to me ............
May be I'm not able to express my feelings to them !!!!!!
But still I love them a lot .......
This is for You people...........
Love you forever

Friends forever, no matter what !!!

Friends are the one,
who support you in your difficulties,
shares your tears with you and promises to be with forever,
no matter what !!!

In my journey of life till now,
I've had many friends,
but there are precious few who will always remain with me,
no matter what !!!

It all began with STRANGERS,
Strangers as we were to each other,
but we stood like a wall,
a wall built by the bricks of trust which could never fall,
no matter what !!!

Moving ahead on this road,
a road full of twist and turns,
but strangers are never scared,
cuz we move with our hands locked in hands,
no matter what !!!

But soon we were surrounded by a wild storm,
a storm which shattered the bond we shared.
It was not less then a nightmare,
a nightmare of which I'd never thought of,
no matter what !!!

Gathered some strength to raise against this wild storm,
to join bonds which were shattered before,
this time making sure,
that built bonds are stronger than before which could face all odds ,
no matter what !!!

STRANGERS no more exist now,
we are the ACCENTUATORS,
cuz this time we raised not to fall,
but to make ourselves more noticeable,
no matter what !!!

Its a new day, its a new rise,
its definately a new beginning that we look up to,
thanking God for everything,
and may our ffriendship last for a lifetime,
no matter what !!!

Poetry by krupal sikligar
Read 673 times
Written on 2009-06-14 at 10:50

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