It's about how we cling on even when we know it won't work. We know how shallow guys are but we still love them even if ALL they care about is the "fluff".

String, I hope you know who you are.
Vini-Thank you for "fluff"...I wouldn't und

"Hope Dangles On A String"

Hope dangles on a string
I tried to let you in
You peeped,
You saw
You groaned
You ran.

Was it the dirt?
Was it the spots?
Was it the blank
That you ran away from?

Were you afraid I couldn't give enough?
Were you afraid you had to give too much?

You can!
We can!
But you won't
I know why.

Others are not as empty.
They may be shallow.
But they are not empty.
Go try them.
I'll wait.
I'll shrink.
I'll hide.

If you come back,
You may not find me.
Don't be afraid.
You can still hope
Like I did.
One day
When I am full again,
We could be each other.

I wouldn't come any closer.
My hope dangled on a string.
And I wouldn't let you in.
I knew what you would find there.
Maybe I knew too much
Even that wasn't enough.

I could have pretended to be full.
I could have stuffed some fluff in.
But I didn't.
I wanted you to see me.
To see through me.
But you didn't like what you saw.
So you ran.
And I don't blame you.

Run, darling, run.
It's your chance to escape.
I'll still be here
When you come back
I'll still be me
Or maybe, by then,
I will acquire some fluff.
Maybe then, you will love the fluff.
Maybe then, we can pretend to be fluff.

Hope dangles on a string.
The string is thin
And it's breaking.
But it holds on.
It wouldn't let go.
I try
I try to be miserable.
But it does not let go.

It's my life force.
It's how I know
I'll be here when you return
It's how I know
You will return.
It's eternal,
Unlike you.
It's my rock,
Unlike you.
It's my blanket,
Unlike you.

After-thought: I know it does end abruptly. But my thoughts stopped flowing and so did the poem. Don't ask who Ish is. Don't quite know him myself.

Poetry by Parnika
Read 1167 times
Written on 2007-01-22 at 11:35

Tags Hope  Inspire  Cling 

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Mark J. Wood
Hoping keeps you groping: look elsewhere. And: fluff is never enough.