written in the 6-7-5 format

The Depths-Haiku

In the depths of a pit
Bloodless, broken, beheaded
In your arms comfort, power

My first Haiku!

Told him "I could write a thousand poems on this"
"I could write a million poems on today"
He laughed I said "I know it sounds stupid but I really can!"

In the depths of your arms
Smiling, protected, myself
Never felt so good.


"Is the second a sequel to the first?"óNehal
Surprisingly, she's very into my poetry...encourages me and all. "shoo go write" she said today!

"No...they're more like two sides of the same coin...what you think? Which one you like better?"-me

"I think it would make a nice haiku poem like a collection with same theme. The second one comes first and then the first"óNehal, 4-2-2007, 00:32:05

"That's what I think..the last line of the first one doesn't really fit but its there and its perfect..ill write more maybe..this feels good.."-me

Now only she shooes me off to write more...


Haiku by Parnika
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Written on 2007-02-05 at 15:59

Tags Love  Depths  Heartbreak 

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