the main theme is that we all love differently
it seems smaller or greater but everyone loves just as much as another

Love raises you up to high hills (co write with Thomas Perdue)

The human heart has a capacity to love
Some love more than others...
Some love more people than others,
Some love more toward that "Special someone".
But all love equally when viewed properly...

Love raises you up to high hills
And when you look down
The red cars may seem tiny
Just remember those hearts
Have the power to love too

Not everyone loves like you
They refuse to be consumed by love
Yet they make place in their elastic hearts
And if you care to look around from your summit
You'd see you're important too

Some love all toward one person
And treat the others as "second class"
Others have a heart that contains love
For all humanity, they can love and not be loved back...
All praise be for love, the meaning of our lives...

Poetry by Inspired
Read 923 times
Written on 2007-04-28 at 10:49

Tags Love  Equality  Importance 

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