My take on the song by Rolling Stones

Wild Horses

I know I'm meltin, it's easy to do
Passion you fed me, I gave in to you
Graceless fingers, you know how I am
Babe, you can't change me by bein' my man
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild wild horses couldn't drag me away

Caffeine kisses, it's pleasin to you
Your touch is tender, tender n true
You have your freedom n' all of my time
But I just can't love you, ev'n if I tried
Wild horses couldn't drag you away
Wild wild horses we'll ride them someday

Poetry by Zoey Jane
Read 926 times
Written on 2010-04-30 at 14:39

Tags Love  Conflict  Passion 

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Ah I had to go get the Rolling Stones' lyrics to better notice your take 'cause I didn't know them by heart :)

Your version seems to me to be the answer by the woman in the relationship, am I seeing this correctly? The situation described calls to mind one where two people love each other, but for whatever reasons or circumstances, they will never be together... at least, not in this lifetime, as the words seem to be hinting.

Even though in your version the woman (from my perspective) is saying that she couldn't love this man even if she tried, I see that as maybe the woman is being hard on herself, maybe believing something like she doesn't have the ability to love properly, or something similar in thought. So, I think she does love him and it's something else than her feelings about him blocking this union between the two of them. What it is, we'll never know, but the feelings can be related to at different levels for most, I would think. I perceived a sad tale reading both versions and it's the impossibility of the situation that was strongly felt for me when I read this.

I've also listened to the song and sang your lyrics along with the music and it fits perfectly :)

All in all, I had my thoughts fired up and that's something I really appreciate in others' writing. I had fun reading and thinking on your version - thanks.

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