Oct 2008

For a Friend

Sometimes invisible

Even in red

Not naturally noisy

She spins a web of wit

Her voice she tames

With pen rather than pitch


She won't move an inch

Even when pushed

Confused she might be, careless too
Once she left her phone in the loo!

Hands off handles

Her daredevil emerges

As eight-leggeds scampers

She cringes


Cupboard full of clothes unworn

Bed covered with books, bags

She rushes to college

Leaving behind ammamma’s doshas


You can whine all you like

She won’t sympathize

But her hug can cure

Grumpiness, loneliness, fear.

Poetry by Zoey Jane
Read 1060 times
Written on 2011-01-02 at 12:54

Tags Her 

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nice .. who is she..? and who is ammamma doshas..?

The imperfect friend, the very best kind.

Too bad about the doshas being left behind : (

I had such a friend (different only in the details).