Colours of my Lady LOVE

Life was as colourless as it is full of colours now,
cuz you filled my life with colours,
Colours that I had never ever expected,
Colours that I had never ever seen before,
Colours making me more passionate about you.

I remember the time when we became friends,
It was just your presence, that filled me with the colour WHITE,
WHITE cuz it gives me the feeling of PURITY,
Pure as our FRIENDSHIP.

As we got along together,
It was the colour YELLOW which filled me within,
YELLOW cuz I sensed the feeling of innocence in you,
Innocent as a child.

It didn't take much time to feel the colour BLUE filling my heart,
BLUE cuz I felt the positive vibes,
As if the gentle waves are kissing the shore.

And now when everytime I see you,
My heart is splased by the colour PINK,
PINK cuz i feel the beauty in you,
Beauty of an Angel......

Now that I can't wait anymore, Let me tell you the colour,
the Colour that fills my day and night,
Colour which is everywhere now.

No doubt its the colour RED,
RED cuz it symbolizes my feeling of LOVE for you,
A kind of feeling that I've never felt for anybody else before you.

But now that I'm addicted to you,
The colour BLACK creeps into my heart,
BLACK, is When I miss you,
When you are not around.
But then to get rid of this feeling of BLACK,
I close my eyes, and splash all your shades on my HEART....


Poetry by krupal sikligar
Read 829 times
Written on 2008-04-04 at 10:35

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A truly romantic text of the highest order of love in lifes full colours, that is what they are there for and that is what loves does to our sight, you have travelled the path and expressed it's journey so perfectly that I have no doubt you are very much in love.

A Brilliant 2009 to lovers everywhere