it's original place with designed pianotext in black and white and a Charleston picture



There's no room here for mistakes said the inn keeper
to Mary and Josef
little did he know it wasn't a bastard child but the
lairds own master
that will live to fight another day

Charlie Chaplin's playing dominos with Humphrey Bogart
in a film noir Casablanca
with now faded stars from our old black&white TV-screen
from when I was a child
that became color because some men in a spaceship
walked on the moon
or were on Black&White whiskey - way up beyond high

at the pokertables, bridge and gin-rummy canastas with Guiness creamy white foam
irish coffe with whipped cream and liquorice and mint pastilles in a 60's art deco
chesspatterned psychedelic bowl

top hat and walkingstick with silverplated horses head
waldorf salat
flippin' the cane ~ as the trumpets Puttin' on the Ritz blows
Hollywood, Charleston, Jazz,
Musical, Rock 'n' Roll, Hippie Psychedelia, Glitterdisco,
Metal, Rave and Internet retro
that will live to fight another day


(loading: panorama of wisdom: jalousie)
white & black piano keys
to unlock the memories
the joker and harlequine of Pajazzo by Leoncavallo
laughing in despair to the flashback smiles of yesterday
where real smiles were yestereve
in tender loneliness broken by soft tenderness and remnants of sorrows from days before

now all are gone

but the dawning of our sun

Together - like before when we never knew
right now, in present time and later

LPWJ 18-20/04/09

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1004 times
Written on 2009-09-14 at 04:52

Tags Music  Passion  Love 

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