I heard there's a tai-chi challenge; CHARLES BAUDELAIRE: Autumn Sonnet from "Les Fleurs du Mal; Flowers of Evil"

Autumn Sonnet (Charles Baudelaire)


I) You ask me with eyes transparent and clear:
"Bizarre lover, tell me what you found
with me?"-Say nothing, just be beautiful, dear!
I can see innocence, unspoiled nature only in animal's bound,


II) o rocking woman who knows how to reassure anguish clandestine,
and will not show you my heart's hidden pains,
it's nightblack legend which's been carved in with flames.
I hate the passion, and the thought makes the sickness mine.
(...and the thought makes the sickness mine!)


III) But let us gently love. From out of his ambush draws
a gloomy god of love his bow; well I know
all that it has to offer, his old battery:


IV) crime, fear, lunacy! Are not you like me,
o Marguerite, a sun for the clearblue autumnday to be,
my faded pale pearl, o so white and cool and frosty?
(...o so white and cool and frosty!)

~~~~~~~by Charles Baudelaire in 1857.~~~~~
~~~~~~~Rendered by Lord Parzifal Mid-Feb 1997.~~~~~

French original and publishing dates of Charles Baudelaire.
(Theres two older wellknown translations in english)

— William Aggeler, The Flowers of Evil (Fresno, CA: Academy Library Guild, 1954)
— Roy Campbell, Poems of Baudelaire (New York: Pantheon Books, 1952)

Sonnet d'automne

Ils me disent, tes yeux, clairs comme le cristal:
«Pour toi, bizarre amant, quel est donc mon mérite?»
— Sois charmante et tais-toi! Mon coeur, que tout irrite,
Excepté la candeur de l'antique animal,

Ne veut pas te montrer son secret infernal,
Berceuse dont la main aux longs sommeils m'invite,
Ni sa noire légende avec la flamme écrite.
Je hais la passion et l'esprit me fait mal!

Aimons-nous doucement. L'Amour dans sa guérite,
Ténébreux, embusqué, bande son arc fatal.
Je connais les engins de son vieil arsenal:

Crime, horreur et folie! — Ô pâle marguerite!
Comme moi n'es-tu pas un soleil automnal,
Ô ma si blanche, ô ma si froide Marguerite?

— Charles Baudelaire

Flowers of Evil:
1857 Fleurs du mal
1861 Fleurs du mal
1866 Les Épaves
1868 Fleurs du mal

LPWJ 02/97


Sonnet by LordParzifal
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I enjoyed reading these fine pieces on Autumn, very much too. Thank you for taking part in this challenge....

Charles Baudelaire, was a very fine poet, thank you for introducing his work. His work translates very sweetly.

Smiling at you, wishing you a grand weekend


Rob Graber
I enjoyed this very much indeed!