Perhaps the best poem is one that is not written down, yes?


Words fail me...Again

I'll try,

Even as I am lost for words, to describe how I'm freed

by your love that traps my heart.

Now, to start:


Let me compare thee to a summers da..

Been done.


How doth your smile shine great amongst the..

Not that either.


Your love is like a rose, witheri..

Too cliche.


Like an angel your eyes gleam with a heav..

Ugh, no!


There was a young girl from the country,

Who fell in love with, uh, um,

That won't work.


Walking through autumnal woods hand in hand with you,

We saw a brave young sparrow who..

Not good enough!



I tried,

Even the greatest poets and thinkers could not succeed.

I guess this will have to do:


I love you.

Poetry by Joe Fern
Read 801 times
Written on 2008-09-19 at 03:53

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:) nice!

Dee Daffodil
This is a very cool poem. You put a lot of thought into this one. Sometimes words just can't express the emotions of the heart.