For someone special:
a silly love song :)

The Eighth

Born, twas I
November eight
My birthday gifts
Have all been great
But bestest yet
The year '07
Year I met you
My glimpse of heaven

Early eve'nin
Roundabout six
My eyes met yours
You were transfixed
I thought you odd
For hours count five
But at the end
I felt alive

You hinted, asked
I called at four
On our first date
white sweater your wore
A few days later
I cheered times three
You said that you
Might just like me

Hearts day dance
Month number two
The first time I
Had e'er kissed you
And now I know
The only one
I love is thee
'Neath this bright sun

Young and confused we may never last
But naysayers please put those thoughts in the past
We've been here together two years and a half
I think you're jealous, your dreams we've surpassed!

Forever I'll stand by your side I say now
And every day I affirm that, my vow
Is to love you and help you as you have helped me
Repay my debts you you tenfold you see

To fall for you, cry for you lie for you, hell
I'd even, if necess'ry, die for you, belle
Miss Gray, it is plain to me, beautifully clear
That you are the only one for me my dear.

Poetry by Joe Fern
Read 783 times
Written on 2010-06-09 at 04:23

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