Golden slumber

Hair like sunlight
Eyes like ice
Do nothing but my heart entice

Skin like the moonlight
Smile like the stars
Every word speaks a future that's ours

Heart of pure lovliness
Manner of grace
Dancing through hallways of numbing erase

Leaving the car I entered the room
Unpacked by bags, I had left much too soon
Turning and looking, your smile arrives
"We're rooming together, how will I survive!"

Your shirt is to low and your shorts ride too high
The white golden gleam of your hair passes by
You wink at me as you swing out the door
The last glimpse till dusk I try hard to ignore

Night comes quite early, I take the top bunk
Laughing you undress, I speak as though drunk
"Are you sure you do not want to switch with a friend?"
I'm respectful (I try) but I cant comprehend

What twist of mad fate, what cruel irony
That you of all people would stay here with me
I'm engaged to my lover, but shes distant and cold
Your sun and your warmth, her silver, your gold

You, wearing naught but a small strip of lace
Slide on a t-shirt, it grazes your waist
"Nighty night!" you whisper, your glacial eyes glow
Soon I hear nothing but your breathing below

Morning arrives as I jolt out of bed
Tossing on clothes and dousing my head
I run out the door, just barely rememb'ring
You still soft asleep, but now the church bell rings

My thoughts distracted, judgement impaired
Each separate world sleeping, what dreams had we shared?
Snapping out, I am cursed at for spilling my paints
Art class, I'm dreaming, forget your complaints

My canvas now shines with your elegant figure
Your beautiful body I cannot quite conjure
The teacher's displeased and snaps my paints shut
"I paid for this trip, I want art, man, not smut!"

Red faced I move on to our class exhibition
No memr'y of you do I need to be mentioned
"Announcing our winner, Miss Bumblebee Milton!"
"Goddamnit!" I breath as my mind comes begins tilting

Why Devil or Angel do you tempt and you taunt me
Why God, Lucifer, do you help and you haunt me
This women of beauty is not for my taking
My lover is miles away, hurting and waiting

I head back enraptured in thoughts of attrition
Forgetting the purpose of my exhibition
I open the front door, discover as well
The door to the bath open billowing swells

Everything that I am cries out in despair
Temptation, frustration, it's not worth the wear
I tell myself vowing to (please) not go forth
But steady go I, like a compass towards north

The shower turns off in a second or three
You step naked and dripping 'cross a wet plaster sea
You smile and wave at first, catch me off guard
Then, as though remembering, scream as though scarred

The door shuts, I lean down against solemn reflection
The clock ticks in slow harmony with my confession
The girl waiting back home brings me naught but oppression
But you, Golden Girl, you I lost: my obsession

A creak and a foot step
A glance and my heart lept
Violet towel around your thin waist
Bare chest and one lone drop
Sliding down where my heart stopped
You sat nonchalant down to face

"Sorry, you gave me a start," you lie
"Im sorry, I did not mean to pry,"
"I've wanted you every day" you say
"Since we met in high school?" I am amazed

You flip open your towel toss it cross the floor
Your flesh glows of summer, sweet, silky and pure
You slide a bit closer, put your hand on mine
Your skin smells of honeysuckle, soap, and wine

"I've loved you since I saw you," I held my tongue
Your lover held the most for you," I thought, 'We were young'

Iv'e seen your sweet glances
Your loving young smile
Your many missed chances
Seen you die down while
You lost what romance is
forgot what a dance is
I'm here to remind you of life
To break your sad trance is
My one goal, advance is
My only only way to lift the knife

I sat there in silence so golden, profound
As you twined yourself through my now more willing arms
My hand slid up your wet legs, my teeth sharply ground
your sweet lips met my mouth I knew then of your charms

For hours it seemed, maybe seconds or days
We breathed and embraced as we danced and we swayed
When the last piece of cloth on my body did fall
My breath caught sharp and my heart hit a wall

Flooded now by my lovers hot breath on my chest
Her red smile her cold blooded hands on her breasts
Her sad longing, abuse bearing, heart melting eyes
Her deep sorrow and happiness pierced my disguise

"No, I'm sorry!" I cried as I slid from your grasp
"I cant lie to myself, I have said I will last!
I am sorry my dear, I can say that I share
Every feeling you hold for me, let me be fair!"

"I love you please always remember that fact
But I cannot just forsake my love with this pact
That we would have just signed in what's better than blood
Please I love you but friend, I must stem this new flood

So I cried and she sat by my side her legs crossed
Still wearing naught but warm sunlight that glossed
Her face full of tears, full of shame, my gold friend
As I thanked those above that my dream could now end

Poetry by Joe Fern
Read 848 times
Written on 2010-06-08 at 03:05

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