can someone please tell me how to centre text?!

For R :)
U deserve much more than i can give

I'm loved!

Jumping for joy :) :) :) :)
Not enough to express my smile
Dance with dew drops
Sink into sighs
Is this how it feels to be loved?

How could you see me for what I am
And make me feel what I'm not?

You make me laugh
When i should cry
You make me believe
When i should doubt
You make me feel
When i should think
You make me me
When i pretend

But why must i try?
You've given me too much
For me to let go.
You've made me happy
With being me.
You've given me strength
To trust myself.

Baby, I'm amazed at the way
You love one so weak
I'm amazed at the way
You exhalt my simple truth.

Years of hating myself
Have made me hard
Have made me hurt

But when I'm with you
I can't possibly hate
What you love so much

My tears couldn't thank you enough
But I try
I smile
At myself
And the miracle that made me find myself

Poetry by Inspired
Read 1148 times
Written on 2007-05-16 at 06:14

Tags Love  Thanks  Joy 

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Farag M. Afify
Dear Nice Team .. Thank you for sharing your nice poem.

Language: 4
Format: 4
Mood: 4
Overall: 5

whoever they are, they have certainly inspired you in a positive way Inspired. Congrats on finding yourself and well done on representing the change in your work. Smiling at you, Tai

Language: 4
Format: 5
Mood: 5
Overall: 5