written as a comment to one of Zoya's texts
sounds like a poem to me

Love is the most complicated thing ever!!

Yes I love him
I feel weak when i love him
I hate weakness
so I hate myself for loving him

Being consumed in love is the same as being consumed in hate
u gotta care enough to hate someone
There's a very thin line between the two..
I believe you love and hate from the same place--your heart!
so both emotions are equally powerful, equally consuming
We just gotta decide which one we are going to have for which person..
And then there are times when you love so much you start hating yourself for being consumed in love.

This is my philosophy.
Do you understand it?

Poetry by Inspired
Read 1065 times
Written on 2007-04-06 at 12:53

Tags Love  Hate  Complicated 

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Zoya Zaidi
Yes, I remember this comment very well! Shook me up a bit then!
So it does now!
((Hugs dear Inspired)))
Love, Zoya

Pamela A Lamppa
It is a craZy mIx is it not? Excellent expression. I love where you took this piece. ~Pamela

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yoonoos peerbocus
love is the mystery of life itself and has mega- interpretation