Magic is two children
a girl and a boy
Magic is love neverending
granted to humans, god's toys
Magic is everywhere
in every leaf of nature
Magic is in the willowtree
weeping in exasperation
Magic is in every ring
on the water to Stonehenge
in every little thing
to the caressing Saturn's firy ones
Magic is friendship suddenly turned to love
the instant recognition
Exasperation is a lightning striking from above
The table's turned and future's the only ignition
An old loveletter seeming new
and a new one read by you
Exasperation is the dawning of the mind
Magic is all events treating us kind
Exasperation is two children lost in the void
Magic is every trouble and toil
Overcome by the shock and aftermath of war by heart
That the endless journey never ends, never start
The forces running through me shall convince you, dear one
Still not impressed by magic of all kinds?



Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 857 times
Written on 2009-09-17 at 13:44

Tags Nature  Passion  Inspiration 

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