I promised myself I wouldn't publish it til I thought of a tune. Turns out I'm the lyrics to someone else's music..

Slow Mirage

The lovelight
It's the glow that follows you
Slow mirage
In every moonlit eye
Pale to black
And I surprise

Let moonlit tender smiles
Show sorrow in their time

Slow mirage
Needing you to mystify
Reading you to burn my eyes

Real world blows
You know I glow
With every friend and foe

Every pie baked
Every coke cake
Every red razor, shaved off with kind
Eyed, wanted and on my mind

Rewondering innocence,
Over an adolescent cuppa tea
Everlong lasting till it spills

Slow mirage
She sang
But there's nothing more
Entourage, slow mirage.

Poetry by Zoey Jane
Read 819 times
Written on 2009-02-15 at 21:51

Tags Songs  Love  Smiles 

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