My second story and I really feel you all will enjoy!


Half past dead Dear friends!
Yesterday while I was crossing the road

(What happened my friends asked) ;0

A speedy car came
I moved backward
Hands on my face
I said thank God!

It was too late
I realized
Umbrella I forgotten
What was the time
I didn't have watch

(I remembered what you told me always zena take an umbrella with you because it may rain anytime)

I was wondering like a crazy bird
And friends you know on a rainy day like yesterday
Walking alone on the street
I missed the bus,
Which was suppose to take me home
to meet you all before dawn!

Those trees in that forest
I could ask help from whom
Wherever I went and knock the door
Nobody was ready to welcome me in
They called themselves people of God
But when someone is in need they gave no hand
Everyone abandoned me yesterday
My professional is always to help whoever I can
Any time Any where
I took risk even yesterday
May be the world is not the same
Which I used to know it very well,
Long time ago!

(I told my friends and they just kept listening eager to know what happened then) :^'''

I then saw from far a small brownish hut
I look tired but I just gained a hope to live
I thought may be I may get something to drink
Some where to sleep
And have something to eat
There I went & opened the door
I yelled and said "Hello"
Anybody here
I received a silent reply
I smiled with fear
I immediately saw a glass of water
I drunk without thinking first
May be it got some germs!

Suddenly I gave a look
I saw a man lying down
Like a form of a book
I screamed I asked who he was
I forgot If I myself was in his house
Lot of blood were on the floor
I asked who can help us
I answered myself
Then what are doctors for?

(My friends laughed and said zena please just continue)d: d:

I made my step to him
And the saddest conversation began!

To be continue in Part 2

Short story by Zainab
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Written on 2006-12-19 at 10:15

Tags Life 

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Thank you
mama kathy and Tai ^^

I'm glad you like the story
but now I made some changes but that much I include friends like in the story I'll telling what happened to me!

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
you have me in the clutches of this story. I shall go on to read part 2 now. : )

This is a very good beginning to your story and if you like, when I have some time I will work on the diction and grammer for you to improve your very good grasp of English? There are only a few and if sorted would perfect this gem of a story/poem imo. Smiling at you Tai

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Format: 3
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Overall: 4