ok!! i know its not gud... just formed it in my mind while driving

A Little Bit Of Ride

I am riding on and on
I am driving on and on....
Leaving the dusty roads behind
Hurrying along the white lines
I love the smell of petrol
I love the sight of tyre roll
Smoke depression is waving behind me
Trying to catch me
Oh! What would I not give?
To ride bike all day with coke's sips

Red problem has just caught me
But just for 120 secs. I see
Wow! The smooth road the open highway
Just like silk on another silk, I should say.
Sadness draining at 120 km/hr.
Driving on the smooth road along sunflower
Everyman's dream royal Enfield
Ninja, Kawasaki and Hayabusa at extreme
I am too fast for adversities of life
This is my life style
Hoo!! The 4th gear and accelerator on
And drive on and on!

Poetry by Anshul Sharma
Read 523 times
Written on 2007-07-03 at 18:09

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Zoya Zaidi
You can really get high on an Enfield, Anshul!
Love, Zoya