On a solitary vista,
I was walking with solitude.
We were silent yet we were smiling,
As though enjoying the best of conversation.

Through the dark trees,
I could see a well-beaten path,
Being beaten by countless couples...
Kissing, betraying, pushing, pulling,
And suiciding. I saw countless
Just coming and committing

I laughed as a girl slapped
A boy, then went away.
I frowned as a boy pushed a girl away
Leaving her teary eyed.
I said, "How confused are they??
Don't know what they want themselves"
Reply came, "virtue of that path"
"Why do they kill?
Aren't they satisfied with themselves?"
Reply came, "company often leaves u alone
Pleasure of introspecting
Can't be done in company"

Appreciate the beauty of your thoughts
& Slow thumping of your body
Rejoice because you can think
Think for yourself
It is easy to lie to masses
Than to a single person
Those who seek company are ill
Ill with dependence
Ill with borrowed ideas
Ill with opinion of others

Solitude, come and embrace me
So that I cant think of enchantress
This is not running
This is salvation
Let me have company of solitude
For a conversation with solitude

Poetry by Anshul Sharma
Read 672 times
Written on 2008-08-04 at 10:42

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Anshul Sharma
quite gud anshul... but try to be a bit more impersonal.. this poem is so personal that only u can understand its full meaning