For My Family, especially Aaron, Devon, Kaila and Kevin

To Savor The Nature Of A Family

Rolling rivers that flow into broken branches listed as love
tremble lamenting leaves aroused by the flood's harmony.

The birth of brilliance begins briskly and the shades of their themes
ring supreme although they foresee the future freeze.

Standing sturdy beneath their songs soon scattered stationed is the
structure who whispers sweet assurance listed as love.

Take Pleasure From Life.
Try Love.
Experience Death.
Perceive Love.
Relish Birth.

When the tides begin again to roll the leaves beam brightly once more
and the nature of a family is listed as love.

Poetry by Rielle Vobi
Read 1046 times
Written on 2007-07-11 at 08:39

Tags Family  Love  Nature 

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Zoya Zaidi
Aaaah! What a delightful cozy feeling of family ties and loving bond!
I loved this peice, as if the family is stuggling and coming out of the floods of life together- stronger, with fortitude, endurance and mutual suopportive love...
(((Hugs dear Rielle))
Love, Zoya