Have it the way you want

Everybody wants to go to heaven

- but nobody wants to die

We can only speak of what we believe in

- that death is cruel

and heaven is heavenly

Nobody wants disaster

Nobody wants problems

- but we make 'em all by ourselves

Everybody wants to to heaven

- but nobody wants to die

Your mind is playing you on

manipulating your thoughts

You have to get in controle

then you can have it hte way you want

- but you have to believe in all you can be


...but you have to believe in......... All you can be

Poetry by Lea Adejuyigbe
Read 697 times
Written on 2007-07-12 at 00:32

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This is indeed a powerful poem - almost a manifest.

I really like it and as you know, my friend - strong words tend to appeal to me.