God Sleeps

I call out to God above
I plead him to bring us relief
I appeal for his divine help
For mankind is in a lot of grief.

To Allah and Jesus I pray
I pray for their intervention
To Krishna and Buddha I pray
For them to control man's aggression.

Man has suffered much
They have caused each other a lot of pain
I appeal to God to save us
Before we have all been slain.

The Almighty refuses to listen
He doesn't hear us though we weep
God is oblivious to our prayers
For a long time he has been asleep.

Poetry by Shayak Chakraborty
Read 646 times
Written on 2005-11-29 at 10:22

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An interesting write, and you expressed questions that many of us do ask at times. Where is God? Just as it seems he is sleeping, i have found him also to be at work in ways that may go unnoticed...I am in awe of the handiwork of his creation, his love poured out through the kindeness of others, and the the still small voice inside that tells how to live.

I thank you for sharing the longing and pain of your soul with us, as it is not so easy to do sometimes dear. Hope this finds you well.


Its true the world is chaotic, and that many prayers go unanswered, you have woven this into the verse very well,well done :-)