Was written when reflecting upon the state of mankind. Was borne out a deep disgust for our condition.

Masters of Our Fate

Listen to the wails of the anguished
Their cry resembles one from within
Pay heed to the appeals of the suffering
How long can you ignore the din?

We seek the answers to many questions
We try to discover the reason for our plight
But this pain will be indefinitely prolonged
If with ourselves we continue to fight.

There is no logic behind this condition
We should not be destroying our own kind
But the reason for this complete madness
I just do not seem able to find.

It doesn't help to appeal to the Almighty
When we are masters of our own fate
We can no longer appeal to a higher power
Our pleas come a little too late.

Poetry by Shayak Chakraborty
Read 853 times
Written on 2006-02-02 at 08:06

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