I'm done with thinking. I won't do it ever again. I won't, I won't, I won't!

Notions Concerning Limbs

Now, I've never claimed to be anything but what I'm not. Never tried to hide my lies or cowered under the weight of embarrassment. I am blank, empty and damp.

I am not the kind to laugh at things that are truly amusing; not the kind to be patient, sweet or slow to anger. But I am never the kind that I am. I always am what I'm not.

These thoughts are not my own. These thoughts are not thoughts. Or mine. What once were my fingers have shaped these symbols, sculpted these words. I am not the master of this cold flesh. I am not a part of this movement or these tapping sounds against plastic.

I fly. We crawl. They are not dying. I have discarded all these notions. I have promised these unusual limbs not to state ownership. Not to lead. In return, they do not tell me truths I don't want to hear.

I have no recollection of blood or any pulse in my body. This body. No longer mine. I forget. I have never fled from fear, I have never been slow to crave pity.
I have never been anyone but you.

Words by True Words Embellished
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Written on 2007-07-30 at 20:51

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got the love the slow self affliction truly genius

Hey! I found this remarkably interesting in a meta-poetic or meta-philosophical sort of way. You are good.