Written by Malin Nilsson and Elin Liebmann

Too big too handle

There's no good songs on the radio,
and there's no good you
So I guess that you're just another lovesong

Oh and I don't like playing chords
there's so many, but so few describes you
So I guess that's you're just another lovesong

oh, you're just another lovesong

and fuck the goodbyes
because I lied when I said that
you're a good kisser
So I hate that I can't throw you away
because you're still in my heart

And I still sleep with pictures of you
and I wish I could tear them apart
just like you did with my heart

You're like the biggest cloud on the sky
I see you everywhere I go
and all you give me is some rain

Why did you change?

Poetry by Poetry-poofter
Read 408 times
Written on 2007-08-12 at 19:41

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Joe Fern
oh my. this poem is exactly what ive been feeling like these days. i love the cloud in the sky image. so true.