I dunno.. much fiction but much fron my old bf.. whatever. long time ago I wrote this.

It hurts

I feel the taste of alcohol on my lips and I wish it wasn't the taste of you.
I wish it didn't make me miss you, but I do and it hurts.
Everything about you hurts baby. It hurts.

I feel the smell of strong after shave and smoke. Calvin Klein and black devils.
I hate that I push the pillow closer to my nose. It's like I'll never let you go.
And baby, it hurts.

I let you in on the inside of this shell –people say it's me.
And it hurts that you become the devil yourself and made this inside to the place called hell.

Every night you came home drunk, asked me to taste your lips.
And it didn't matter if I was too tired to please you, because you did whatever you wanted to.
You hold your hand in front of my mouth to silence my screams, and I could feel the smell of after shave and smoke. You killed all my future-dreams.
And baby, it hurts.

Poetry by Poetry-poofter
Read 637 times
Written on 2008-05-31 at 21:24

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Anne Westlund
Powerful poem. Very effective repetition of "Baby, it hurts."