a song actually

I land

Distant and cold, put the world on hold
do not hear, do not see, just let it be
a God-given mess, shade of my consciousness
shut out from grace, just keep a straight face

With the moon I set sail, bleeding black in the silver veil

Shut and fasten the latch, make me hard to catch
adrift in my mind, make me hard to find
label me as you wish, I no longer care
safe on my island, not going back out there

Extinguish my will, leave my body stiff and still

Sanity is just a pale charade
in the ruins of faith, I watch all high hopes fade
better off in my ill hideaway
dead or alive, guess it's hard to say

In a crossfire with no shield, I'm a battlefield
in the bitter end, I am not my friend
present here, out of reach, no matter how you beseech
the unchangeable past, yields this state at last

Poetry by Dead Mans hand
Read 697 times
Written on 2007-08-13 at 20:24

Tags Me  Insanity 

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Rob Graber
"In a crossfire with no shield, I'm a battlefield":
I like all the internal rhymes; this one is especially good.