There are many aspects of the godhead, lord Shiva. Might be obvious which aspect this relates to...
Text's just a reflection, as I was really taken aback after reading and talking to kids hurting themselves in horrible ways.

Shiva Bound

Platinum blades call
"I am the way"
way out, out of line
way in, under my skin
incision's a well
blood is proof
of living hell
cut off, aloof

Self inflicted
escape addicted

Cigarette lighter calls
"I am the way"
I'll be your cross
burned alive
melt the pain
into a lava stream
of scar tissue
my right, my vein
not your issue

fuck your blame
I'll slit it up, in wide open shame

Fail fail
blame is prison
wounds are bail
crown of thorns
ball and chain
guilt is jail

Torture comfort
natural morphine
I invent my own
red scream
regret is mute
carving out your nights in blood
a dripping temple of flesh
sinking through the mud

Unleashed demons soaked night black
addicted to abuse, both judge and accused

tearing down
this house of bones
drowned in doubt
crumble back to dust
lights out

Poetry by Dead Mans hand
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Written on 2007-09-27 at 11:02

Tags Youngblood  Selfinflicted  Shame 

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an affliction which many people often have misconceptions about... your text is an insightful and sensitive one... the reference to shiva - i had to look it up, i confess ;) but now i can say that i appreciate the symbolism here... i also liked the short lines, makes the pace more concordant with the turmoil and pain of those afflicted with this mechanism of survival... this is really the best i've ever read on the subject... really well done... thanks :f xx