Well, I wrote this in swedish but translated it.
It's not about two persons, it's about several.
And it's all true, they're my (depressed) friends.

We all know what it feels like

She was the girl who said
she hurts herself
just to feel she's still alive

I understand her now. Then I didn't.

He was the boy who said
he survived twothousandandsix thanks to me

I believed him the, now I don't

She was the girl who made scars
with the start in the arm
but lately in the stomach

just to be seen

sometimes she says, she's scared
scared of knifes

but then she has a knife in her bag

She's the girl who is awake at night
because she's full of panic
she goes to the kitchen every night
(she feels better afterwards, she says)

he's the boy who has quit
making scars at himself
or else, he doesn't show it

she's the quiet girl
and she's got a painful secret

she hurts herself
and sometimes she faints while she practise
(I know it's true)

but in the end
we all know what it feels like

(or is it just a considerate lie?)

Poetry by Poetry-poofter
Read 396 times
Written on 2007-08-16 at 00:34

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Joe Fern
Another good poem. Over here in the US these people would be slapped with the label of "emo" and given up on. Hopefully sweden is more tolerant.