"Strength of a Jaguar"

A dull light that shines from afar
with a rage as wild as a jaguar.
With a heart hurting deep inside
never ever lets go of its pride.
A mind so full and is overflowing
wondering just where its going.
A light that could shine so bright
if only you kept it in your sight.
A heart that could be very happy
if only life was not shite & crappy.
A few words sprawled here online
you know that peace will be thine.
For however hard it all seems to be
we are alike sometimes you and me.
Seeking lifes answers we both look
neither of us are a wide open book.
Our light will shine brighter by far
for we have strength like a jaguar.


Poetry by Poetic-Rose
Read 687 times
Written on 2007-08-18 at 18:14

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