"031" is the national dialling code when you call to Gothenburg in Sweden.
Well, I don't know about this poem...
it's about teenagers in Gothenburg (where I live) and about swedish pop-music.


Listen to Swedish pop-music and you'll get me
Take a trip to Gothenburg and meet the town
where nothing but everything's the same
Where teenagers at the station sit at the floor
to just hang out and then realize
what a waste of time

Play at your guitar in the middle of the city
and sing the popsongs you once wrote
when everything was hard and
your life seemed lonely
sing about those times you walked in the rain
three am or sing about yourself playing at your keyboard

sing about those monsters you saw when
you were high
you were higher than ever that night
or sing about your broken heart and
the girl who might fix it.

Colour your face, hide it with dark make-up
and colour your hair or make it almost white
paint stars under your eyes and play
with hello kitty and please don't hate candy

So sit down with me
and sing those songs you wrote
when your heart was dark enough
to kill
please, sing a song about me

Poetry by Poetry-poofter
Read 413 times
Written on 2007-08-19 at 16:32

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Joe Fern
Very nice. And i agree, this would go exellently to music. I like the last verse alot.