Documentary. This man actually exists although I never met him myself. The second 'last hippie', a Swede, knows him well though and told me the story.

The last hippie

He carries on indefatigably
now since thirty years,
that hearty old Italian,
who keeps going on his scooter
all round India, down to Goa wintertime,
in summer up to Ladakh
and in season to Manali
and the hills and their hill stations,
keeping up the old ideals
of freedom, independence,
non-compliance with corruption,
the society of self-deceit called "progress",
sticking to his 'Chaupathi Express',
his ancient scooter,
keeping him above all human worldly problems
in his timeless legendary hippie style,
refusing simply ever to give up
his faith in better sides of life
and in humanity.

*'Chaupathi' is the famous Indian thin bread.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-08-28 at 13:35

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Zoya Zaidi
Dear Christean, this text is so full of familiar words- reads like home!
How are you?
Love, Zoya

loved the line - his ancient scooter - can almost see this 'hippie' his long beard flowing in the breeze as he travels near and far on his scooter...
:) :)