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NOTE: 2005 01 14 19H57 EST 1057-Hour Days Recall 13

1057-Hour Days Recall 13

It’s around 3 am
Lying flat on my back
On the picnic table in the park
Total limpness mercifully reached me…
Released from time
Hours slip by…
So numb I’m somewhere else
Just staring at the sky.

Nothing around exists…
Lost in thoughts, fabulations
The induced hallucinations fill the void…
Animated clouds so lively and colorful
Keep pain away from consciousness
Hours slip by…
So relieved I’m weightless
Just oblivious to the world.

The scent of summer,
The night ambiance,
The war parties silenced …
It was the right dosage to sweetness
Those nights of total escape…
Hours, days slipped by…
So dead I could finally breathe
Just content to be far away.

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Written on 2005-12-04 at 02:56

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I am speechless.Life has never been excellently explained from this angle as you have done.I only wish there was something I could have done.....much love,SHE.

Zoya Zaidi
A beautiful take on a hellucinating mind!
As you rightly said: the right dose of it!
Take care!
xxx, Zoya