Mother Nature doesn't have door.
This is why there is peace.
Her lap is open for all.
That's why every being lives.
Her love is for all
that's why every being gets love.
Her home is open for all
that's why every being are born.

But it is us...
Who have made doors.

Do we know...
It's door that
separates us from Nature.
It separates our homes.
It differentiates between yours and mine.
It demarcates outside and inside.
And because of all these
in world there is no peace.

Poetry by Wangdi Gyalpo
Read 857 times
Written on 2007-09-03 at 07:37

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sabereh lotfian
Wow! this is so beautiful ! the smile on my face went bigger & bigger as I moved along your words reaching to the white bright word"Peace".
I'm bookmarking it. :)