this is the reworked image of "images in velvet-green"... Just see those many dots as moaning pauses(Where the writer feel uncertain and begin to talk glibberish -my brain is the thinker in this case -and my hands the writer )...
in the everlasting la

Her Bottled Breathe

Oh, she'll eat me when i'm asleep... but not yet tired...
as i still feel her tears break like glass on my shoulder bone...
feeding memories from your breast, i've been talking to
your shadow for many weeks, you made me fell down
that meat-eating give me a hand so i come away from
this red ocean..... so many hands..... now i feel bare and
contained with love. as heaven bleed the nymphs calls out
for fresh drained blood.

An Self-born Angel in her bottled breathe -crystalize,
i catched myself an angel and got trapped in this ribcage trap
now i sit there long for more, every hour of days i dont remember.
As butterflies get burnt by the midnight lamp
-Angel Feathers fall
i dive into this red ocean - where the mother heart
decides the waves...

Daughters of mercy wont awake just yet, on the fields
of sleep eating poppies, Her appearance of an angel still
haunts me now and then. Oh, lost in Alice of wateslands dream
with cat's scratch and babie's scream, soon she'll take me again.

Everyday i look at shadows who call me friend, i'm still stuck in
this neonlightened end, now maturation begin, with endless
numbness the stallion of psychotic desperation and hauntless love.
still rides along and reflects any wish, and the rider without a head
holding that meat-eating rose of perfection.

Even tough i haven't been harmed by her kiss,
i cannot get cured of her brilliance in green,
But i cant come up to you because i never got a chance
to get a pair of wings to fly, oh now,
i want something darker so i can hide
my imaginary wounds to sour to be healed.

i just know, my abstinence is clear...
you would dissappear in your sapphire
palace, once again, but i don't seem to
be able to see beauty any longer in this
world but yours since you left....

Excuse me! - Your Highness, My Queen Of Hearts...
I'm just an emperor of a Empty Heart.
You left the crown of Thorns by my side.
Put your feet in that crystal shoe and run away.
As you brought me back to the darker side of utero.
You gave me everything i need,
Now i feel a rythmic pain in my Chest.
drag me up again with that umbilical rope
it's too dark for me down here with you.
now turn your back yo me so i can cut right back.
to ease you from your pain...
Sincerely, My Majestic Sweet Pain...

Poetry by asshole
Read 908 times
Written on 2007-09-06 at 02:01

Tags Love  Desperation  Longing 

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