There's no such sound
as the one of a falling tear
it's the sound of a soul
to heavy burdened to bear

like the soft whisper
of toxic rain
like the choking sound
of death by pain

let me drown quietly
in the salty water of home
I'd hate the backstabber
if the dagger were not my own

even if night falls
there will soon come a morning
let me fade away
like the sound of a falling tear

Poetry by SparrowN
Read 863 times
Written on 2005-12-05 at 20:33

Tags Depression  Sadness 

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ojj oj. this is really good.

like the soft whisper of toxic rain and everything. the first verse, second, no the whole poem. it's just so true. and
I'd hate the backstabber, if the dagger were not my own is so ironically true in my world ..

I really recognise the feeling in this poem.. nice one!

Very sad,but very beautiful...
Vakkert dikt! Jeg ble veldig trist av å lese det, noe jeg syns er bra;) Hvis du skjønner... Uansett... Keep up the good work!