A killer with good intentions

Cage me, I am the dark
judge me, but you're off the mark
giving in, to true lies
bottled up, ready to pour

Just a mission, you're not human to me
I don't care, just a game I'm addicted to play

My bullet crush, what I can't feel
compulsive, need to clean
die by, my hands serving what?
a cold urge, and Random chose you

Never was that easy
killing you
though never was too hard
to push through

Cage me, I am the dark
judge me, but you're off the mark
giving in, either way I'm cursed
bottled up, ready to burst

Just a mission, lambs are fed to me
fan the flame of the chaos I want you to see

Fallen angel, paradise lost
my hell their Eden, bridge to hell be crossed

Fallen angel, fueled with blind hate
my hell their Eden, I'll seal their fate

Never was that easy
killing you
but the voices scold me
got to push through

Poetry by Dead Mans hand
Read 700 times
Written on 2007-09-15 at 15:21

Tags Murder  Homicide  Psycho 

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F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
this is pretty intense... i could also picture this as being a song in the genre of doom or death metal, but the melodic types of that genre... really well written... the killer's perspective is stark and gloomy pretty much how i've tried to understand the serial killer's mind, for example... there is much depth in this... truly enjoyable to read even though the theme gives a bit of shivers ;) :) :f xx

There are lots of ways to kill and I assume this is metaphoric, very well written and a telling prick of the assasins conscience. Love it. Smiling in the face of...whatever comes her way, Tai