Mr Pianofingers

I hear the tunes of music from the old piano
outside my window and I wonder
why did they put the piano out there?
And I hear the love coming through the music
and I know there's a very talented man out there

I watch this man from my window but all I see
is his back, which is dressed in black
Why did he dress himself with a black coat
when it's so dark outside?
But I know the answer to well;
it's such a wintercold.

'Who is he?' I ask but no-one gives me an answer
because they looks out from the window but
they cannot see what I see
so I run to the street and the first I see
is the back of this dark-dressed man
and I can hear the sound of music
but it's so much more than music
it's a master piece

I'm watching this young man playing this old piano
and he's known about my existence
'Dear watcher' he says without looking up.
'Why are you so lonely?'

'Because no-one see what I see,
Mr. Pianofingers.'

Poetry by Poetry-poofter
Read 435 times
Written on 2007-09-15 at 22:45

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Joe Fern
beautiful. wether a recounting of one interesting night, or an allegory. the poem flows so well even with no rhyme.

i love thefinish: 'Dear watcher' he says without looking up.
'Why are you so lonely?'