(The title refers to the name of a nightclub
right on the beach in Bali, Indonesia)

Double Six

Enter the realm where daylight never shine
the moon's on the rise and moral's in decline
neon signs, a pagan temple come on tune in
made up faces, waxed black hair bare skin

Young blood, asian dreams
porn-style sweet smiles
sparkle, burn
burn to shine

Youth's for consumption, just a lucrative commodity
unquenchable thirst, a demand too sad to see
super fashioned cats, empresses of the floor
magnets of desire, leaving a taste of wanting more

Juices flowing, joints a-glowing
trance, pumping
on through the night

Are you of this world
faces like Dali-art, space-eyes glow in the dark
hey girl, what are you on?
a body present but a mind... long way gone
burning midnight oil
some spinny shit and we can't snap out of it
feed the flame, a wicked game
all showing off tryin' to carve out their name

All this surface, is it even worth to scratch?
you'll never level with that image you're trying to match
is it life that hides there deep behind your naive eyes?
will you ever know all these years, the dirty road, the prize

Ballroom buzz
angels or beasts
burning youth
magnesium flames

Poetry by Dead Mans hand
Read 793 times
Written on 2007-09-21 at 13:39

Tags Drugs  Indonesia  Clubbing 

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