it is more like.. a bunch of mini-poems. what-evs.


I'm sick of the disgrace,
That I've been bragging about
Five hours ago.
But it's not like you'd know.

Close up the change,
And we'll be the exactly same
But I wouldn't know,
You'll put the better show.

Talent is cheap,
And gives you an edge,
But I want it too,
I'll be just like you.

The Lowest One,
I'll strive to be one I hate,
So I'll have an excuse,
To throw it all away.

What kind of spirit is this?
No matter what,
It is never allowed
To escape this cage.

Don't leave me.
I can't leave me.
Two people alive,
But only one is living.

Poetry by Tori
Read 728 times
Written on 2007-09-22 at 02:17

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