The saltwater is screaming.

I got sick of this.

Your eyes
Seem so tired
Behind those 80's style glasses
I won't mind
If you're so inclined,
You can take a nap for a while

I can't stay
I'm going to watch waves,
Crawl up on the shore
Today isn't the day,
My face hits the floor

I sunk into the sea
Where mermaids clung to me
I see the ghosts,
They grasp my hands.
One day you'll join me,
One day you'll see.

Oh I don't know
What to swim from
I feel the water's pull
Just what have you done?

Oh just let me go
Trapped in an aquarium
I want to be home,
All time's good to spend.

I sunk into the sea
Where monsters hung on me
I feel the ghosts,
They bite my hands,
One day you'll haunt me,
One day, it'll end.

Poetry by Tori
Read 830 times
Written on 2008-07-27 at 06:34

Tags Ocean  Water  Mermaids 

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