Miss Maybe

Hey Miss Maybe
haven't we met before
things never seems to change
still they do for sure

Hey Miss Maybe
have you forgotten
or are you waiting
are you pure or rotten

Hey Miss Maybe
why can't I decide
why are you so beautiful
make me hesitate and hide

Where do we go with all our stained innocence
who can we ask who's not partial but wise
one uniting kiss from different sides of the fence
but we still can't see things through the same eyes

Hey Miss Maybe
time to drop your mask
no more games
is that too much to ask

Hey Miss Maybe
I'm full of doubt and remorse
am I just a fool
or your hero on a white horse

Hey Miss Maybe
are we alone together
do you have a faithful heart
or feet light as a feather

Hey Miss Maybe
have you forgot
hey Mrs. Right?
Miss Maybe Not?

Hey Miss Maybe
no one is to blame
but like and love
are just not the same

Hey Miss Maybe
what did you expect
all is wrong
when all is too perfect

Diary by Dead Mans hand
Read 538 times
Written on 2008-09-22 at 20:35

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