A tale of my awakening


I was out searching for the kidnapped child
And after many a day and night
In holes and pits deep and wild
I found her captor's vacant hideout.

A cursory inspection revealed it all,
And my soul shattered, I stood agog
The little girl had been butchered in fall,
And greedily fed to these two dogs

In the face of this atrocity,
My war torn mind has snapped
I laid them low with a cleaver
And waited for he that did knap

Then he returned, I gripped him firm
Wordlessly, to iron pipe he was chained,
I placed a hacksaw near his arm
And set the house a fire, ner a wain

I then spoke, and said that he, to escape,
Would have time to cut through his flesh
Then calmly from across the street I wait
And watched the structure burn to ash

Poetry by Rorschach
Read 714 times
Written on 2007-09-25 at 13:56

Tags Vigilante  Madness  Chaos 

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F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
avenging the innocent's tormented soul until the monster is laid to its grave is what comes through for me when i read... a walking-away liberation from it all... this was well written, though a bit chilling (which isn't a bad thing no), the mood feels like a victory to me... well done... thanks :f xx