these words were like music and dance as they flowed from my heart

Symphony of Love

The stars hung upon the night sky
Like Christmas ornaments.
Spinning, twirling, glistening, glimmering
Twinkles that sparkled
Light on and off like fireflies
Dancing a tap dance of flames.
Each its own; each needing the other; each special
Yet all The time echoing the movements of the other.
With voices quiet as cotton drops they sing songs
Of wonder blending in a chorus of harmonic 
A Capella rejoicing. But no one hears and no one knows
Of this magic that takes place whenever
The Maestro conducts the Symphony of Love


For the two hearts that lie under the canopy
Of the confetti-ed celestial choir.
And, at the moment of sweet surrender
Into the Life of the other, music becomes
Like water-colored streams splashed upon the
Night-sky leaving the world forever changed
From the intangible to the tangible
While words flow in shapes and forms
Tasting of the purest sugar that flows from the
Powdered wings of angels.

Word dances, Songs of color, Vanilla wafts
From star to star a floating aroma of purity. 
And in all this splendour love thrives
In the senses of those two hearts
In their glorious consummation
Of all things beautiful.

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 714 times
Written on 2007-10-01 at 03:46

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
If this were a painting it would be hanging it the Louvre.

Speechless: caused by your talent...



What more to say, its beautiful, so expressive, such music to the ear...

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Katherine this beautiful love poem exactly describes the beauty of love it is both sensually erotic and tells in wonderful images of the absolute beauty of making love two hearts two minds two persons helplessly in love my fav i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk