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The Value Of Nothing

In order to get to one, we need to get past zero.
'Zero' or emptiness, a point where there is nothing! Emptiness is the ultimate beginning or end of anything and everything, you can never fill a pitcher that is already full, it would be just a waste of water, but you can always fill an empty pitcher and it is more practical too.
Often, we hear that - 'an empty vessel makes excessive noise', but we never try to understand why it is so? Or why it does so? Or why it makes so much noise? The vessel on its own does not make any noise, it does so only if it is disturbed in any manner, the manner either being rough or gentle, a gentle disturbance would produce the soothing sound we call 'music', just like the action where the bow runs through the strings of a violin to produce music, whereas a rough noise would produce a disturbing sound, a noise, banging an empty tank!
The example of the violin has been cited here; it is a beautiful example to prove the importance of emptiness, no matter how expensive the wood used to build the instrument or no matter how skilled the craftsman who built it or no matter how skilled the musician who is playing the instrument, the soothing music is produced only when the vibrations of the strings fill the hollow of the violin that has been encased by the precious wood, only when the emptiness that has been encased is violated by the gentle vibrations caused by running the bow along the strings of the instrument is the soothing sound- 'Music' produced.
likewise, form or shape is acquired only when there is emptiness or hollow within, a potter may take days to build the most beautiful pot or pitcher, but at the end it is the emptiness within the vessel that gives it its shape, moreover it's also the same hollow inside that gives the vessel its use, that is, to contain water!
The point here is simple, like each and everything that is there in this wonderful world of ours is essential for one thing or the other, even what is not there is essential for us.

Words by Rai
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Written on 2007-10-08 at 11:02

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